Enjoy The Entrepreneurial Journey

Being an entrepreneur is amongst others things, one heck of a roller-coaster ride – Whether you are a new start-up or a established business owner, we all face the same ups and downs, the same challenges, the same trials and tribulations – and its so easy to get caught up in the ride.

The sad thing is that in the hustle and bustle of trying to make the next payroll, negotiating with vendors, managing our people, delivering stellar customer service – we often get so caught up on the roller coaster that we forget to take time to enjoy it. Continue reading

Why You Should be an Entrepreneur

There’s always the age old chicken and the egg question about whether entrepreneurs are born or made, but the bottom line is that entrepreneurs are those who develop innovation after innovation to improve our world. The ability to take “nothing” and build it into a business that helps employ thousands and generate millions in revenue should be celebrated.Entrepreneurship is alive and well and here are 16 reasons why you should consider taking the plunge too.

How to position your business in the marketplace

The purpose of your business, is firstly to get and then to make sure that you keep your customers. Something that’s difficult to do without some kind of plan. It doesn’t have to be a marketing plan, but at least something that provides your employees with a direction in terms of satisfying customer demands. Here are some things to consider when putting together a plan for encouraging people to do business with you. Continue reading

What Psych Grad School Taught me About Dealing with Angry Customers

In our business we strive to make our customer experience the best that it can be in our industry. Even though we have systems in place to ensure that customers leave us happier than when they arrived,  sometimes , just sometimes – something happens in our interaction with the customer to make them really really angry.

Not just confused, or disappointed – but actually angry!

This got me thinking about the lessons I learned in psych grad school, and how I could apply the techniques I learnt from dealing with emotional/upset/angry clients/patients to better dealing with angry customers. Continue reading

Want to Improve Your Customer Service ? Ask Your Customers What To Do

Most small business owners (and some large ones too) sadly operate under the false notion that their customers will usually say something  to them when they are unhappy – unfortunately this is a incorrect assumption.

The thing is: Most customers won’t say anything if they are unhappy, they just stop buying.

The time to start asking your customers what you can do to improve your customer service, was yesterday, last week and last year. The time to start asking your customers what you can do to improve your customer service is definitely not the day your customer becomes angry, nor is it the day that you realize that you haven’t  seen the customer in a while, because he has gone somewhere else.

The time to ask your customers what you can do to improve your customer service is when they are currently with you. Continue reading

6 Little Known Ways to be Diplomatic at Work

In your career, your colleagues can impede you as you strive to do good work and get promoted, or they can help you succeed ! Rather than looking at these colleagues as enemies who you have to confront at every turn or as colleagues who you are fiercely loyal to,  you can look at them as whole people with whom you have likes and differences. Your goal then is to understand both and use both to one another’s mutual advantage. Here are 6 strategies to help you handle how co-workers approach their work differently Continue reading