3 Simple Steps to Making Money From Any Passion

Is it possible to have your passion also be your core source of income?


We seem to hear more and more stories of people reaching the promised land, but is it really possible for the everyday person? Or are those ‘lucky few’ just that— lucky?

After years of research I have good news for you…

I bet you there’s something you love doing that someone else would be happy to pay you for right this second. I might go as far as saying I’m sure of it.

But let’s start with a question.

Why is it that the people who succeed once, seem to have similar successes on future endeavors? Whether it’s fitness, entrepreneurship, career, relationships, you name it.

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How do I know if a business idea is right for me?

Entrepreneurs are creative people, and frequently come up with new ways to do business. So many, in fact, that you need to choose wisely about which ones are worth your while to pursue. Making the right choice requires more than just determining profitability, although that’s a good place to start. You also need to make sure you choose lines of business that are right for the kind of person you are.

How do I know if a business idea is right for me?

Here are some suggested approaches to evaluating your new business ideas:

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How To Make $10,000 Per Month

Some people wonder about this $10K per month figure. How could it be possible for them, especially when no one in their line of work makes that much money?

How To Make ,000 Per Month

Since this is a goal I’ve achieved and maintained for many years (and in different fields), let me share some simple realities about earning $10K or more per month. This is basically common sense — certainly not rocket science —  but it’s not commonly applied. These are truths that people resist, sometimes to a ridiculous extent, but such resistance is largely futile. You can save yourself a lot of wasted effort if you just accept the obviousness of these ideas and work with them instead of trying to become the exception to them.

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If You Can’t Make a Living, How Can You Make a Difference?

What made you decide to go into business for yourself? Did you want to make more money, gain more freedom, enjoy yourself more, or make more of an impact on the world? For many independent professionals, the desire to help others as well as themselves plays a significant role in their decision. Helping people may even have been your primary motivation for choosing the type of work you do.

a guide to

However, not all of us who set out to help others through our businesses succeed at it. In fact, many of the best-intentioned professionals fail at building a sustainable business or private practice. It seems that the skills and mindset of helping others don’t always match those needed to build a profitable business.

If you’re in business because you want to make a difference, help others, and contribute your unique gifts, you may be handicapped in marketing and sales because so much of your focus is on other people’s desires and needs. You may feel that asking someone to buy from you is an imposition, that talking about yourself doesn’t serve others, that self-promotion is somehow inappropriate if your primary aim is to help people.

But here’s the reality.

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Direct Contact = Good Business

Have you ever thought about calling someone to offer them your services, or invite them to coffee, or some other business-y thing, only to put the phone down and get distracted doing something else? When I think about drawing a straight line from my activities to making money, direct contact is the #1 thing that comes to mind. Which leads the question, what is direct contact, why is it sometimes so hard to do, and why does it strike fear into the hearts of so many of us?

Direct Contact = Good Business

A while back I was coaching someone who wanted to find a steady part-time job to make sure the rent was covered while she continued freelancing. She had figured out what industry she wanted to work in, what type of job she wanted to do, what kind of co-workers she wanted, and her target schedule and pay rate. Overall, she knew everything about what she wanted except where to find it. She started an online search and applied for a few positions, yet never got any real traction. I suggested she find several companies she liked and contact them directly, let them know what she was looking for, and ask them if they had anything like that available; she politely declined my suggestion and went back to searching online. Months went by without her finding what she was looking for.

This is not an isolated example. For many of us self-employed types the hardest thing to do is pick up the phone and ask somebody to hire us. It seems easier to search online or post to social media to look for what we want. The trouble is, because those strategies are passive they often don’t yield results, which can be frustrating; pouring out all that energy and nothing happening in return.

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