One of the things that i have noticed with both entrepreneurs and people working in corporations , is that they often believe that as their talents and skill sets improve, so should their salaries and income.

The thing is, your skills and talents alone will not necessarily lead to a increase in your income.

To maximise your talents AND your income, you need to first identify the psychological reasons why clients do or don’t decide to use your services.

In this insight-packed 99U talk, best-selling author Ramit Sethi reveals how he went from practically begging his readers to pay for a $4.95 e-book, to charging thousands for online courses and consultation by putting himself in the shoes of his customers. Think of the unspoken concerns of your customers, he says, and master the language used by your clients. For example, people don’t want to “increase core strength” they want a six pack. By mastering the psychology of language and tapping into what your customers want, you can give them what they need and become indispensable.

Listen Up , Your Niche Matters

The goal with your marketing is not to try to reach everyone on this planet , mars and everywhere else in the solar system.

The goal of your marketing, your business , your service is to appeal to a specific, passionate subset of people. You don't need to sell to everyone. In fact, if you do, you might want to rethink your game plan.

Contrary to what you might have been taught, told and read in most marketing books – you really don't need millions of customers and clients to have a highly successful business.

You just need to find and focus on the right customers and clients.

The customers and clients with a specific pain that only you and your product and service can solve.

Then go and show them how you can solve it.

Why You Should be an Entrepreneur

There’s always the age old chicken and the egg question about whether entrepreneurs are born or made, but the bottom line is that entrepreneurs are those who develop innovation after innovation to improve our world. The ability to take “nothing” and build it into a business that helps employ thousands and generate millions in revenue should be celebrated.Entrepreneurship is alive and well and here are 16 reasons why you should consider taking the plunge too.

How to empower people

In my previous post i wrote that your employees are highly motivated when you as the manager or leader empower them and trust them to go out and do their jobs. Just accept that people wont do the job the way that you do , and you know what …. they shouldn’t have to. When you give people the latitude and flexibility to use their judgement and apply their talents, their progress rapidly accelerates.

Empower Your People

By empowering your people, you send a message of respect and inspire people to be creative and use their individual talents towards the goal of the enterprise. How do you empower your people? By letting them know that you believe in them and allowing them to take action. By allowing yourself to trust people and empower them, you also allow yourself to focus on the things you need to accomplish.

Empower your employees to act

In my previous blog post i wrote that in order for your business to be able to compete against the giants, you as the leader , manager or small business owner cannot build positive momentum for your business if you try to carry the organisation on your back. You have to empower your employees to act.

Empower Your Employees To Act

I remember when we started out in business – for the first few years, we succeeded by being on overdrive and pushing everyone to their limits. We would get to work at 4:30 am in the morning and I was usually the last person to turn out the lights.

Eventually the company grew so large and faced issues that were bigger than we could fix by drive and determination. We had to empower other people in the business to make choices and to do so according to their shared values.

What i learned was that when you give people the power and authority to make decisions and provide a framework , your people become your partners in not only building your momentum, but in building your business.

Your Small Business Can Succeed Against The Giants

In my experience your small business can succeed against the  giants ,even if it is a new company (with a new brand) provided that your company has the ability to come up with ideas and put them into action very very quickly.

You Can Compete

To achieve these two things : Coming up with ideas and putting them into action very quickly, requires entrepreneurial spirit. This quality however, needs to be present within every member of the team, not just the entrepreneurial leader/founder.

It has to feature across the company in every way.

To begin – you as the leader needs to create an environment where entrepreneurship can flourish.

photo by: Wighman