Why Every CEO and Leader Should Blog


Last year i wrote  a blog post on Why Blogging matters in 2013 . As we approach 2015, i think it is more important than ever that Leaders and CEO’s who are trying to figure out ways to communicate with employees on a regular basis , consider blogging.

Sure you can send out a regular or semi-regular email blast to all employees . This even has a few advantages. You can communicate with almost every employee, with little initiative required on their part – and to boot , it is mostly free.

However, for me , i really believe that blogging has several advantages for leaders and CEO’s

Why Every CEO and Leader Should Blog :

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11 Ways To Be A Street Smart Blogger

11 Ways To Be A Street Smart Blogger

Down here at the southernmost point of Africa, somebody who is known to be street smart is someone, who knows what is happening. But more than that someone that is street smart, knows the ropes – they know where they are going, they know how they will get there , and they know how to survive.

In Blogging, a street smart blogger is someone (a individual or even a company), that has a clear vision of the big picture, AND they have the common-sense “street smarts” to know how to play the game and win- and they can do it with integrity

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How To Grow A Blog Into A Popular Brand

How does content build one of the web’s most popular brands?

As a writer and then as Editor-at-Large of Mashable, Ben Parr helped turn the site from a little blog into the tech world’s most popular news source, so I invited him to hear how it happened!

Since leaving Mashable, Ben created The Peep Project, which is in stealth mode, and is an ambitious project to change the way we interact with information.


Why Blogging matters in 2013

In 2010 my hero Mitch Joel wrote a post on why Blogging matters now more than ever in which he talked about why Blogging matters and why you need to start writing a Blog now.

Its 2013.

And with all the talk about how Googles Author Rank will reward people for creating great content – what Mitch wrote then about blogging matters now more than ever!

it struck me because of how powerful the sentiments were and how relevant they still are today in a world that has almost forgotten the power of the published Blogging word in lieu of shinier objects like FacebookTwitter,Foursquare and more.

Below is the trasncript from Seth Godin and Tom Peters so (as Mitch says) we can re-read and remind ourselfs of why blogging is so important.

Seth Godin on Blogging…

“Blogging is free. It doesn’t matter if anybody reads it. What matters is the humility that comes from writing it. What matter is the meta-cognition of thinking about what you’re going to say. How do you explain yourself to the few employees – or your cat – or whoever is going to look at it? How do you force yourself to describe – in three paragraphs – why you did something? How do you respond out loud? If you’re good at it [blogging], some people are going to read it. If you’re not good at it, and you stick with it, you’ll get good at it. This has become much bigger than, “are you Boing Boing or The Huffington Post?” This has become such a micro-publishing platform that you’re basically doing it for yourself… to force yourself to become a part of the conversation, even if it’s not that big. That posture change, changes an enormous amount.”

Tom Peters on Blogging…

“I will simply say that my first post was in August of 2004. No single thing in the last fifteen years – professionally – has been more important to my life than Blogging. It has changed my life. It has changed my perspective. It has changed my intellectual outlook. It has changed my emotional outlook, and it’s the best damn marketing tool by an order of magnitude I’ve ever had… and it’s free.”

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15 Personal branding tactics using social media

15 Personal branding tactics using social media


Social media marketing in more than just something that only businesses should focus on. It is now an indispensable tool for all of us as we seek to grow our own careers.

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