How Can I Overcome my Reluctance to Make Sales Calls?

Make Sales Calls

As a professional selling your own services, you may believe that you feel uncomfortable about calling prospective clients on the phone because you’re not a “real” salesperson. But studies reveal that up to 40% of full-time salespeople experience episodes of call reluctance that are serious enough to threaten their careers.

The good news is that the fear or resistance you have been experiencing doesn’t have to be permanent. Research indicates that for over 95% of people who are reluctant to make sales calls, their fear subsides once they make contact. If you stop avoiding the calls and start making them, there is a very good chance that you will actually feel better once you start talking to someone.

Here are some tips to overcome your reluctance to make sales calls.

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No Regrets

“There are no regrets in life,” said actress Jennifer Aniston. “Just lessons.”

I believe we are put on Earth for a reason and our lives are dictated to discover that reason. Everything we do is destined. I believe there is free will and we choose how and when to act; but I also believe we are meant to make those choices. We learn through our experiences.

Looking back at my life there are many things I wish I did differently. But these are not regrets. These are just missed opportunities. Lessons. They make me a better person today.

Cher sang about turning back time. Nice lyrics but the idea ends there. We cannot turn back time — and nor should we.

We should learn through our failures. We get back up and keep moving.

If you want to change yourself, you must learn to love and be honest with yourself. Find happiness, embrace the journey, and discover other ideas to create new experiences.

The Other Person Is Never The Problem

Stop Blaming

In countless little ways each day, we blame other people for our frustrations.

They irritate us, don’t do things the right way, are incompetent, rude, inconsiderate, bad drivers, too slow, not tidy, boring, uncaring.

And yet, we will always be frustrated if we stick to this mindset.

We will always be angry, offended, hurt, disappointed. There will be no end to the offenses humanity can take against us, as long as we decide that everyone else is wrong, all the time.

They’re not the problem.

The other person is never the problem.

This is a lesson I learned from Charlotte Joko Beck in her book, Everyday Zen. The problem is our reaction. The external event (someone is rude to you) will always happen, every day, often multiple times a day. We cannot stop others from being rude — but we can change how we react.

If we can react in a calmer, more peaceful manner, we will be happier. We will then act in a more compassionate way, smile, and perhaps the other person will be transformed just a little bit by this act of compassion.

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The value-up exercise that will change your business-life forever

change your business

I have coached many people over the last 20 years and today it still astonishes me how many people don’t know how to value themselves up.

We all have a level of knowledge which we can add to at will. We can google just about anything or learn how to do things on YouTube. I bought an iPhone and 20 minutes later thanks to YouTube I am an expert … easy.

There is something more important than knowledge and that is INSIGHT.  Insight is earned by doing the yards, having experiences and hanging out with really smart people.

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Be Able To Walk Away

Walk Away

In any kind of negotiation, your ability to walk away is your strongest tool.

Those who can walk away from the negotiation — legitimately walk away, not just make a show of it — are in the strongest position. Those who are convinced they need to make the deal are in the weakest position.

This is true of negotiating when you’re buying a car, closing the sale of your new home, haggling in a foreign flea market, or trying to get a raise.

It’s also true of anything in life.

Know that there’s almost nothing you can’t walk away from. Continue Reading…

Is the Quest For Perfection Side Tracking You?

Quest For Perfection

Here’s the thing about achieving business success.

Its not about getting it perfect.

Rather, success is found when you stay with the process until you have reached your goal.

If you set perfection as your guiding post, then you will ultimately never be satisfied, and you might even become overwhelmed and disappointed and give up before you even reach your goal.

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