When you read the same books like everyone else, you dont learn anything new. Its just like skating to where the puck is. But reading should be more about insight into the human experience, about understanding. Over the last five years Ryan Holiday has recommended hundreds of amazing and life-changing books. In this presentation he shares some of the underrated , unexpected and often undiscovered favourites.

Customer Service Lessons from the Grateful Dead : Treat Your Best Customers Better

Have you ever noticed how companies always seem to advertise great and awesome deals for new customers?

Here is why you need to Treat Your Best Customers Better

Here in Canada take Rogers for example. They have some really sweet deals for Internet/Cable/Phone.

But only if  you are a new customer.

Just don’t happen to be a loyal, brand loving, always paying customer.

Then the motto is : Screw you pal, but no deal of the day for you!

And for those of you who stumbled on this post, looking for a Rogers / Big Company / My ISP really sucks rant. This is not one of those posts. Heck as new customers we just got a really great deal from Rogers!

My rant is that as small businesses enter the race for more and more new customers , they are becoming more and more guilty of abandoning existing customers in the quest for new ones.

It seems that as these businesses grow they tend to lose sight of servicing current customers in their rush to attract new ones. This results in a scenario where special pricing offers are often only delivered to the new customers they are trying to woo, while their loyal , returning customers are left out in the cold!

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Evaluate Your Current Business Model

Evaluate your current business model in the context of the following questions:

  1. What can your business do significantly better than others in the industry?
  2. Is there a way to leverage that to create an uncontested market space that your business can dominate?
  3. What do others in your industry do better than you?
  4. Does this analysis reveal any gaps or suggest any actions for you to take?


Does Your Work Create Value?

Success and wealth come from doing work that is mutually beneficial to you, your client, and your client’s customers. Does your work create value? Or is it destructive?

If you engage only in positive, career-building work, you’ll be successful. That means not wasting your time on destructive activities like selling products that you know are frauds.

#149 I Love You More Than My Dog

“When you make decisions that respect and honor customers, you will earn their admiration; eventually even love. Then customers will begin to grow your business for you” – Jeanne Bliss (I Love You More Than my Dog)